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The Sundowner Inn, now in disrepair, is where much of the action in this story takes place.

Pender Harbour's Secret Agents

Four teenagers learn of an unlawful plot by big oil companies to increase profits by mis-representing what scientists are saying at a conference in Pender Harbour on Canada’s southwest coast. Graeme, one of the scientists and father of two of the kids, threatens to expose the oil companies’ plot. For this he is sent home and warned he could lose his job.

Not wanting to spoil the kids’ summer holiday, Graeme lets them stay a few more days in Pender Harbour aboard the family’s small sailboat. The four teens, incensed at how Graeme has been treated, decide to become secret agents and collect evidence to support his allegations. Their methods are questionable and endanger not only themselves, but several others including Graeme. Will the big oil companies succeed after all?