Surviving Civilization’s Collapse


Surviving Civilization’s Collapse – Philip Symons, Paperback 2019

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Why do we humans sometimes make decisions that are sensible and constructive, while at other times our decisions endanger our civilization and our very lives? Surviving Civilization’s Collapse reviews constructive actions that helped civilizations in Japan and the tiny island of Tikopia survive for millennia, while poorly conceived ones on Easter Island and elsewhere led to their civilization’s collapse. Unwise decisions that we’ve made in the past—and are still making—are resulting in over-population, climate change, food and water shortages and more. These problems will lead to the deaths of millions, even billions of us from starvation, mass migrations, and rising sea-levels. Our brains are 98.4% genetically the same as that of chimpanzees; are we clever enough to avoid rushing over the precipice of collapse like proverbial lemmings? Or can we improve our decision-making and provide ourselves with parachutes that will soften our landing at the bottom? It’s time to think! This book offers Canadians some suggestions.